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Digital Intraoral Scanner

digital intraoral scanner

In the past, creating an impression of your teeth and gums has traditionally involved making a mold of your teeth using trays filled with a soft, messy, and often bad-tasting material that would harden around patients’ teeth and gums, creating a precise model that the doctors and lab then use to plan your orthodontic treatment.

The digital intraoral scanner provides a new, comfortable, and precise way for our office to take digital impressions of patients’ teeth during orthodontic treatment. The iTero® Element 5D can create 3D digital impressions while also creating time-lapse video footage for comparison over time. It is also capable of detecting and monitoring caries during every routine appointment. Using the iTero® Element 5D allows both the patient and orthodontist to see detailed images of the teeth and mouth in real-time to better understand the progression of their orthodontic treatment.

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